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Perfect on any devices, any OS, anywhere with realtime information and market insights.
Hassle free setup with tons of features.

TradingView is the only trading analysis software you need, not only you can have a powerful charting tools, you can also publish your idea, collaborate and learn from others to give an edge to your trading.



Beautiful & Powerful Chart

Whether to simply look up to the latest stock price, analyze price pattern, drawing line studies, or applying script for strategy testing, we’ve got you covered

  • Lots of Chart Types:
    Candles, Heikin Ashi, Line, Renko, Line Break, Kagi, P&F.
  • Multiple / Compare Symbols
  • Advanced Price Scaling
  • Chart Layout / Templates
  • +50 Intelligent Drawing Tools
  • Vast Array of Indicators

Stock Screener & Signal Finder

Stock screener is a great search tool for investors and traders to filter stocks based on metrics that you specify, you can search based on technical indicators or fundamental data.

Forex & Cryptocurrency Signal Finder will help you find pairs or currency based on technical indicator.

Rating is calculated based on technical indicators which shows its strength signal : Buy, Strong Buy, Sell, or Strong Sell.


Alert & Notification

There are 12 different alert conditions which can be applied on indicators or drawing tools. All your alerts run on powerful and backed-up servers, so you’ll always get notified when something happens and won’t miss a trading opportunity

For example, “Alert me if EUR/USD crossing up value 1.22774, or goes outside the Bollinger Bands channel”. You get visual popups, audio signals, text messages (sms) and e-mail alerts right to your phone !

Scripting & Backtesting Strategy

You can use prebuilt Trading Strategy or have your own custom strategy with Pine Script.
Pine programming language allows you to create and share your own custom indicators, studies, signals. Nearly any custom indicators can also be created from scratch.

Your trading strategy then can be backtested to ensure you’ve got the best one before applied to real trading environment.


Go Social !

Success in Trading couldn’t be more fun if you can share your idea, discuss, chat with others. You can choose which ideas to stream: for a particular symbol, ideas of a specific user, or the suggested ideas for all markets from all users. You can also only display ideas created only on your site!

Broad Market Data Coverage

TradingView chart is fed by commercial data feed from stocks, indices, futures, forex, bitcoin and CFDs streamed in realtime directly to TradingView. Complete with global economic data, fundamental data of each stocks, economic & earnings calendar.


Virtual Trading or Real Trading

Start a Simulated trading using virtual money (paper trade) before your invest your real money to the market. Once you are ready, you need a way to place actual orders. You can place real order by opening an account with supported brokers and connecting it to TradingView

Are you ready to bring an EDGE to your trading?
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